Trillions of dollars a year are spent globally to provide public and social services through a complex web of public, private, and nonprofit partners, responding to crises that cross traditional boundaries. trellyz powers a new generation of supply chain management – one that is multi-enterprise, multi-service, and designed for collaboration, transparency, and coordination across networks of organizations.

Powering the public service supply chain

coordination, collaboration, communication made super simple

Logistics Hub

List aid offers or needs
  • Our Logistics Hub connects organizations with supplies to organizations that need supplies, allowing freight and logistics companies who move goods to offer transportation.

Public Services

Coordinating across partners
  • The only platform that allows government to work with their local and national nonprofits to share their public services with residents, real-time, location-based access.

Humanitarian Responses

Our RefAid App
  • Our RefAid app has been helping more than 8,000 service providers deliver services to people on the move in 41 countries for more than 6 years.

Emergency Management

Optimizing response times
  • Enabling coordinated responses with networks of agencies or organizations or between local or national government, or across coalitions of INGOs.


When the world, and its problems, are non-linear

seamless visibility

Seamless Visibility

Supply chains can't exist in a silo. Providing public services requires a coordinated response and visibility across organizations and groups, people, activities, information and resources.

multi-entity collaboration

Multi-entity Collaboration

We've created a multi-entity system of record and engagement. Many-to-many functionality is key to allowing organizations to communicate and coordinate to identify the people, the areas, and the partners where they could have the greatest impact.

groups & networks

Groups & Networks

Each new customer can create its own network(s) and groups for coordination, collaboration and communication across entities and/or departments, speeding up onboarding time and response times.

location based


Manage and map the services you provide to your community by type and location on a web-based platform to improve services and reduce duplication.



Enables organizations and local governments to manage, update and publish services to mobile and web apps in real time. And end users provide instant feedback about the services they access, where and when, providing valuable real-time data that can improve service delivery.

Information Sharing

Information Sharing

Granular roles and permissions make it possible to share information, documents and data with many or few, within one organization or across multiple entities.

How we help

Customer Stories

Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Regional Coordination Body in California
Metropolitan Transportation Commission of the Bay Area (MTC) is a regional coordinating body for 31 transit agencies 9 county emergency operations centers, 3 regional international airports and other agencies involved in protecting 7 million San Francisco Bay Area residents. n recent years, transit operations have been increasingly disrupted by natural disasters endemic to Northern California’s dry, hot climate, such as wildfires and seismic activity. MTC sought a unified coordination and collaboration platform for its emergency management team and partners.

Délégation Diocésaine des Migrations (DDM)

NGO Helping Migrants on the West African Migration Route
Délégation Diocésaine des Migrations (DDM) and its partners are using RefAid in a humanitarian context, where the European Union funded this project to help migrants in transit through the West African migration route who arrive in Morocco. RefAid allows them to better communicate accurate service information to dispersed migrants and remote teams/offices, strengthening its partner network and improving information availability for migrants. The consortium of NGO partners use the platform to coordinate their response, map their services, make those services available to migrants in the trellyz RefAid app, and communicate with migrants on the move through geo-targeted push notifications.

People like us

Homelessness – It Can Happen to Anyone
In the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the wealthiest places on the planet, one woman describes her unlikely spiral into homelessness. “Homelessness – it can happen to anyone” is part of a mini-documentary series we are producing to highlight some of the challenges and crises government and their nonprofit partners are tasked with addressing. Responding to crisis requires collaboration and coordination between all stakeholders – the public sector, the private sector, nonprofits and those who need help.

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