Is COP27 meaningless greenwashing as Greta Thunberg insists? Is it being used to whitewash the human rights abuse in Egypt? Or will it consist of the mansplaining we have come to expect from overly represented men in the constituted bodies and on government delegations?
trellyz is joining forces with New Women Connectors to challenge the status quo at COP27. There has never been a more urgent time to find fresh approaches to climate. We think COP27 needs to harness the power of women, especially displaced and migrant women to attain it goals. Without our voices and actions we will fail our planet.

Climate Resilience Salons

Harnessing the power of women, displaced and migrant women to attain COP27 goals

Government Entities

Organizations and government entities that are looking to extend their knowledge and approaches to climate adaptation and resilience from from diverse voices with novel ideas.

NGOs/Aid Organizations
Organizations that focus on helping migrants, refugees and internally displaced people gain access to resources and services.
Donors and Funders
Donors and funders who would like to help us accelerate the learning so these powerful women can make their voices heard by helping us organize these local salons on a global level.

Climate Resilience Salons

By convening a series of 27 salons in 27 countries in both global south and developed countries, and inviting women who live in or have moved to these locations, we will gather critical learning from women: 1) impacts of climate change on their communities, 2) adaptations and responses that are working (and are not), 3) key insights about how to re-frame and rethink traditional responses to climate change and 4) infusing COP27/28/29… participants with greater vibrancy. Since the sustainability crisis is the result of human activity, we also have the opportunity listen to and explore ways of solving the crisis through our own actions, through the eyes of women who have looked at things from a very different perspective. We will cultivate this brain food to share with partners and collaborators and bring back the rich harvest to COP 28!

Why Salons

Historically the salon was an informal education for women, where they were able to exchange ideas, receive and give criticism, read their own works and hear the works and ideas of other intellectuals. Many ambitious women used the salon to pursue a form of higher education. During the Enlightenment in France, salons were a place where civilians of all social classes could gather and discuss ideas. They served as ground zero for the ideas present in the Declaration of Independence and—eventually—the French Revolution! We need Climate Resilience Salons, where women can exchange knowledge and ideas to help scale responses to climate impacts. We need women to be part of the climate change revolution.

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trellyz is a female founded public service and humanitarian supply chain and logistics software company, and the creator of the RefAid app which has been helping migrants, displaced and refugees in nearly 50 countries for 7 years.



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