Finding timely and accurate information is challenging for people in the communities being served by nonprofits and local governments. And there is no standardization among the tools being used, consistency in the way information is provided, or access across all devices. The trellyz platform makes it possible for organizations and local governments to better serve their communities and save money due to efficient, real-time, multi-channel solutions.

Real time data

A super simple Content and Communication system enables organizations and local governments to manage, update and publish services to mobile and web apps in real time. And end users provide instant feedback about the services they access, where and when, providing valuable real-time data that can improve service delivery.

Location-based services and mapping

Manage and map the services you provide to your community by type and location on a web-based platform to improve services and reduce duplication. Publish your services to beneficiaries on the app allowing them to subscribe to information that is relevant to them when they need it, wherever they are.

Targeted communications

Whether your services are available in a physical location or in the form of digital information, the Content and Communication System allows administrators to communicate with all stakeholders in multiple forms, by location and type of service, by audience level activity feed, email, SMS, push notification and urgent alerts.


Collaborating with employees, volunteers, departments, with other organizations and other communities creates a powerful network effect where all services are amplified and resources can go much further. Collaborations, communication and coordination create much greater impact.
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